[NB] Cannot Change Section Type of Document


I cannot change the section type of a document from a custom type to structure based either in the inspecter or via the outliner. It reverts back to my custom section type.

Also, when using structure based formatting the draft folder is set at level 1 so to get the correct formatting you have to add an extra level to take account of this. So documents and folders within the draft folder are recognised at level 2 rather than level 1. Is this intentional, or a bug?

Hello, sorry for the delay in responding. The level issue should be adjusted in the new beta, does your issue there persist?

As for your section type issue, which method are you using to change the section type? Are you right clicking in the outliner itself or on the binder while the editor is in outliner mode?

Thank you for your help in this.

This appears to be resolved in thank you.