[NB] Default Text Color Not Displaying in Font Bar Throughout Program

When I change the default text color, the color changes properly on newly created files. However, the font color itself is not displayed on the font bar where font/size/bold/highlight etc. can be seen. If I change the default color to Red, then I should see a Red font in the font bar. The font bar should always display the current text attributes including defaults not overridden.

Thanks! This has been filed.

HI rgletter - While some of the items in the formatting bar are dynamic, showing information about the current text (such as the font and size), the highlight and text colour buttons don’t work this way. These instead show the last selected colour and will apply that colour to other selected text when clicked or when the keyboard shortcut etc. is used. This is the same way MS Word works. Were your expectations based on the macOS version? Because text colouring in general is handled differently by the macOS and Windows platforms, we’re not trying to model the way the font colour box works on Scrivener on macOS (which is driven by Apple’s text system), so sticking with the current method (also how it was done in 1.x) makes the most sense for the present design.