[NB] Editor pane does not fill available space - Nor does 'composition mode'.

Beta 10 on windows 10.

See my screenshot - Yes it is very large. I have a very high resolution modern screen…

So a great deal of space is wasted on either side of the document. Zooming in does not change this, it just changes the font size.

See the empty space on either side of the document. And as I said zooming in does not change the width of the editor so I am forced to squint at smaller type if I want to see what it actually looks like on the page.

When I open ‘composition mode’ -

Again, does not fill the available space, wasting bars on either side - worse, I can still see the windows behind it.

I think filling the whole screen in composition mode might be a little too wide to edit comfortably, but the sides should at least be blacked out.

For the main editor, is it possible you have ‘fixed width’ enabled? (File > Options > Appearance > Main Editor > ‘use fixed width editor’). Disabling this option should allow your editor to fill the full space, if it’s functioning properly in your version.

For Composition Mode, there should be an option to expand the editor to fill the whole screen on the bottom menu – if the menu isn’t visible, drag your mouse to the bottom of your screen and it should come up. If you draw the ‘paper width’ slider as wide as it’ll go, that should fill the screen for you.

You can change the appearance of the background of Composition mode in

  • File > Options > Behaviours > Composition Mode > Hide Main Window in Composition Mode
  • File > Options > Appearance > Composition Mode > Colors.

You can change the transparency of the background in Composition Mode by hovering your mouse at the bottom of the screen and using the control on the bottom right (Background Fade).

From your screenshots, the last method looks to be the one you should try first.


Both worked. Assume I’m an idiot, thanks.