[NB] Names Generator "Starts With" applies to both Surname and Forename

I open the Names Generator and select “Forename Start With”, and write, for example “M”,
If I leave the “Surname Starts With” blank (no text), when generating the names it gives names whose BOTH surname and forename starts with “M”.
I would expect names whose Forename starts with “M” but the surname should not be limited to starting with “M”.

For more information: if the Selection is not “starts with” but “set forename” or “ends with” or “contains” it works as expected.

Hmmm. I’m not having that problem. What version of Scrivener are you using? I’m on the latest,

I am using (Candidate 5).

And I found the possible reason, And it might be MY fault. I had the “Attempt alliteration” selected.
Without this flag selected it works.

Maybe I did not understand the flag “attemp alliteration”.

I have checked the behaviour it correct that way. So sorry for that, and the Post can be closed. Sorry.

I think I got this. “Alliteration” means “words beginning with the same letter”, as far as I remember. So, yes, if you flag this option you’ll have names and surnames beginning with the same letter. Outside Anglo-Saxon world alliteration is not so valued. By default, this option is off.