[NB] Scrivener 3.0 Welcome Tutorial Ownership

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post. I downloaded the beta today and I was reading the tutorial when I came across the following section:

“An important thing to keep in mind is that Scrivener 3 will claim ownership of your projects in Windows, meaning when you double-click on project files they will load in this version (you’ll be asked if you want to update the project, so you can cancel if you don’t want that). You will need to open projects directly from within Scrivener 1, using its File > Open… command, or the “Recent Projects” features.”

Can someone please explain this to me. I have some questions.
If I work on my current manuscript inside the beta, does the above paragraph mean that Literature and Latte would own my current manuscript? If that is the case, why would I want to use the beta at all? Am I just confused? Please help me understand.

Hi Talkinghead. No, don’t worry, we aren’t claiming ownership of your writing! That is referring to how the file is claimed by the program, meaning the Scrivener 3 program will be the default program for opening your files. Other programs (including earlier versions of Scrivener) will need to open the file from within the program itself.

So, double-clicking on a .scrivx file opens it in Scrivener3 by default. That’s what we mean by the program ‘claiming’ the file.

Thank you so much for the quick reply and the explanation. I appreciate it! :smiley: