[NB] Searching for phrases


Previously on Scrivener, I could always search for a phrase just by typing it into the search box. On the current Beta, I have just searched for the phrase easier to in a project, and the search results contained lots of instances of just the word to - rather than the complete phrase. It seems that, with the current Beta, typing a phrase into the search box results in a search for any of the individual words in that phrase.

Typing the phrase in quotation marks - “easier to” - does give search results for the entire phrase, This means that the search function currently works like a Google search, which is fine if you’re searching the entire internet, but not so useful if you are searching for a phrase in a project.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a deliberate change to the search function, but it seems a step backwards if it’s intended as a feature,

Ah, okay …

I’ve now noticed that the smaller search bar that I was using in the binder does say ‘All (Any Word)’ on it - but if you type a phrase into the bigger ‘quick search and targets’ box in the taskbar, it searches for the whole phrase. That makes sense, once you know. It’s just not clear that the ‘quick search and targets’ bit can be used for searches until you click on it.