[NB] Spell checking in Spanish is limited to... European Spanish?

Hello Guys,

Thank you for the good work in Scrivener.

I am a writer in Spanish and the use of a functional spellchecker is paramount, Today in the proofreading stage of my work I have to spell check the text and I have found that many common words (in LA Spanish) are marked as error by the Scivener’s spellchecking.

As mentioned in other posts, the new words database is Hunspell, but in my personal experience with other software is poor for checking LA Spanish, the use of only the generic Spanish Eu database only makes almost useless the spellchecking in Spanish for for LA.

Please, can you consider that the majority of Spanish speakers are in LA and the use of the Hunspell with the MX variant will help a lot ─ the MX databse is the largest for LA variants.

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Hello Again,

Just checking the spellcheck function I have found that now in the beta I have the option to choose for MX and AR variants. Thank you!!

Please ignore this post.

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