[NB] Synopsis/corkboard Huh?

Synopsis issue corkboard.png

I assume that I did something, but have no idea what or how to correct. As you can see from the image my corkboard has one article where the synopsis is dark and one where it is gray. The gray one shows blank in the inspector.

At one time all these were black and all of them had synopsis. If I try and copy the gray text from the corkboard to paste to the synopsis, it disappears.

I don’t know if this is data corruption, a bug, or I’ve discovered a new cool feature I don’t understand. Any ideas?

I’d like to get my synopsis back and be normal. (at least this corkboard could be normal).

The gray text is indeed auto-generated from your main text, as there is no synopsis text actually typed. This is a new feature in v3. Type some synopsis inside the Inspector and it will appear in dark color on your index card.

wow. this is actually a really cool feature. is this new? I dont remember this with the previous features.

Indeed it is available since the early days of the v3 Beta. :wink:

Thanks. So all that happened is I somehow deleted a few of synopsis. Easy to fix.