[NB] User Added Spellcheck Dictionaries

I see that the Beta has switched to the Hunspell spellchecking system, which I think is great, as they have a much larger and more complete dictionary set than the Aspell ones. My request is simple: a UI element for the user to add their own Hunspell file into Scrivener for Windows 3, if the language(s) they use aren’t included in the default installation. Or, at least a tutorial on how to do it “manually” maybe?

Example: I’m currently learning Thai, which has a Hunspell dictionary, but is not included in the Scrivener for Windows Beta. Now, adding in that one dictionary may not be difficult for you guys to do, but if you open it up for users to do themselves, then in the future anyone who comes to Scrivener can add in their own language as well, meaning you guys won’t get a million request for spellcheck files (just full UI translations, haha).

Thanks for the feedback. At the moment, adding custom dictionaries is not possible, but we’ll take a look at this and see if we can enable it in the future. :slight_smile: