Neatening up the binder

First of all, let me sing of my love for Scrivener for iOS. The best thing ever! But…

Actually, there’s no shoe to drop, but I do have a question. My binder is kind of a mess, visually. I am using the Novel With Parts project template, and all my folders work fine, and all my files in those folders work fine. But at the chapter level, some folders have the folder icon, the chapter name, a text icon, and an arrow. Tapping anywhere on the chapter line opens the next level and shows me the text files inside. No problem.

Other chapters have the folder icon, Chapter name, and a circled arrow, with one or more text icons below. If I click the circled icon, I get the these text icons as above. If I ignore the folder icon and tap a text icon, it opens just fine.

But I can’t get the “open” folders to collapse, and hide the text icons, or the “closed” folders to expand. I’d really like all the folders closed. As it is, some are, some aren’t. It looks messy and just bothers me a little. I have no idea how they got this way, and if there’s something about it in the tutorial, I’ve missed it. Can someone help me fix it?

Slide the folder row to the left to expose the Collapse or Expand option.

Good grief. I keep forgetting about those slide commands. Thank you!