Need a Font a Half Point Bigger

Is there a way to make a font a half size bigger in Scrivener? You simply type it as such in Office apps and it does it, but Scrivener seems stuck by the dropdown whole number option.

For instance, I’ve installed the new Microsoft default font Aptos. It would be perfect for me at size 10.5 pt based on the size I run my editor. 10 pt is too many words per line and 11 pt is too few when compared to my Calibri size 11 pt font I normally use.

Just enter it manually via the font dialog ( T). The input field is sensitive to your system settings, so even if it later says “10.5” in the format bar, you may or may not have to enter it as “10,5”. Depends on your region settings.

ADD likely Ctrl T on Windows.

Thanks. My Regional Settings are set to a full stop for decimal. Unfortunately, on Windows if I type 10.5, it ignores the point and changes the size to 105.
Tried the comma as well and still no joy.

Hmmm. I don’t know if that’s the expected behavior in this case (for some unknown reason) or just a limitation of the underlying framework (Qt?).

What happens if you copy 10.5 pt-sized text from MS Word? I’m speculating here, but maybe this could be used to set the default formatting for the editor or in styles. If that also doesn’t work… :thinking:

A direct paste (Ctrl+V) from Word at 10.5 changes to 11.
I’ve since switched off, but I’ll see if it’s truly 11 pt tomorrow by copying the result from Scrivener and pasting it to Word.

Alright. Almost sounds like a deliberate choice to round those numbers. Maybe the L&L staff knows why.

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Nope. Nothing works on Windows to get Scrivener to recognise a decimal point in a font.

1 typographic point is 0.3528 mm…
What is you set the zoon factor tot 101%?

Thanks. That’s what I’m playing with now.

I was working at zoom factor 175%, in Calibri 11pt, which gave me a “rough” WYSIWYG experience, when compiling to an A4 size sheet–with the odd line out by 3 words either way.
I’ve upped the zoom factor to 180%, in Aptos 10pt, for an equally close estimate with an average of 15 words per line, with both the Binder and Inspector permanently on and never changing in size.
My Binder and Inspector Fonts are set to Segoe UI 10pt, which renders comfortably and not overwhelming, like looking at the menus.

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