Need Assistance Registering

thank you sincerely for your assistance tp register my purchase of your program. It has not allowed me to register so far.
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We hope you enjoy using Scrivener. The registration details above allow you to unlock the trial version of Scrivener so that it becomes the full version.

when i tried your instructions you gave it would not allow me to register?
My Apple is a 2009 does that make a difference?
Thank you for your assistance sincerely

Hi DoriAnn,

This is a public forum, so I’ve removed your licence information from the post. If you need help specifically with the registration details, it’s best to contact support via email (sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com).

If you’re getting an “Invalid serial name or number” message when you attempt to register, take a look at this page. If you’re getting a different error, could you provide the wording or a screenshot (being sure the screenshot doesn’t give your serial name or number, or sending it to the sales address above for assistance)? Shift-Cmd-4 will let you select an area of the screen and then save that screenshot as a PNG to your desktop that you can attach to your post/email.

Hi DoriAnn

I have no idea if this will help, but I tried registering my Mac version of Scrivener, with the popup you first encounter when you launch the program. Doing this said that it failed and it woulden´t let me register. I panicked and was thinking something was wrong with my purchased license. Then I hit Try instead and entered the program. Clicking Scrivener in the menu and then register and registering my details there worked like a charm. Perhaps this will work for you too? I hope so, I don´t know how you registered or rather tried to the first time.