Need help compiling manuscript with Word headings

I’m currently working on my third book with Scrivener (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!) and in this one I am going to need to create an index at the back of the manuscript, which I’ve always done based on Headings in Word.

Thus, I would like to be able to compile the manuscript so that my file titles in Scrivener compile as certain Headings in Word. Otherwise, I’ll have to go through the hundreds of pages in my manuscript manually to designate the Headings.

So, can anyone please help me how to customize the file titles as such? I’ve tried defining them using MultiMarkup ( e.g. ##) in the prefix pane of the formatting >> Modify >> Custom >> Compile window, but that comes through merely as text, so obviously I’ve done it wrong.

Can anyone give me any pointers of how best to accomplish creating Word Headings within a Scrivener compile? Or how otherwise best to format my manuscript in Scrivener in order to create an index later in Word?


You can do this by formatting your titles differently in compile per heading level, then using a find/replace for the formatting in Word to apply styles to them. Here’s a detailed example.

Sweet!! Thank you! That was very helpful. I’ll definitely try and if I run into any issues, I’ll be back. :smiley: