Need help please!!

I have an already made project for CampNano. I have all the plot points separated, info about each point in one text area and a new blank text area below it for me to write out each scene. I don’t know if I hit some unknown button area on scrivener sometime today, but now at the end of a paragraph, when I hit enter to go to next paragraph, I lose the indent. Settings under options are fine, but those are for new projects only and do nothing to help the already existing ones. I can click on the ruler and pull the tab back over where it goes, but then it does the same thing when I get to the end of the next paragraph and hit enter. I cannot figure out how to fix it and I’m to the point where I’m either going to scream or cry, not sure. If I make a new text page now, it happens on that page as well. But NOT on the page that I typed out yesterday. That page is fine and will still start new paragraph with indent. Any suggestions on how to fix?? Please???

Attached a clip. when I hit enter and lose the indent, if I hit enter again, this pops up. Have to backspace to delete it.
Scrivener Error.JPG

Hello Leah,
Looks like you have gone into Script mode. Go to top menu Format/ Scriptwriting and click it off. Ctrl+4 will turn it on and off as well.
At the top left of your document just below the format bar there are the two arrows left and right and a small page icon to reveal in binder ect. That will turn a slightly different colour (buff on mine) when you are in script mode.

Thanks Shass, and you are very right. I had just found it right before I came back here to type this. I didn’t even know there was a script mode but evidently I clicked it. Thanks for the reply and being willing to help. I greatly appreciate it. Happy writing to you, and to you all.