NEED HELP with upgrade scrivener from 2.8.1 to latest version as life saving novels dangling dangerously


I need help to upgrade to the latest version of scrivener from version 2.8.1.

Could someone walk me through it as I am feeling lost in the digital world and I have beautiful novels on the old version. I am currently on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 and and want to update scrivener before I upgrade the Mac to avoid any disasters. I am not digital savy but I can paint beautiful pictures.

thank you

Updating Scrivener before the Mac is a very good idea. Thank you for thinking ahead.

Our upgrade guide for Scrivener 2 users is here: Scrivener 3: A Guide for Scrivener 2 Users | Literature and Latte

Scrivener 3 will make a backup before converting a project to the new version, but extra backups are never a bad idea. In particular, expect the system upgrade to cause your Recent Projects menu to be unreliable, and make sure you understand how to locate your projects via Finder.

thank you so much.

Is there someone who could walk me through this as
Digital, to me, is like a fairy hill and I get lost and storm tossed
way too easily.

Scrivener is a lifeline to a lifetime of creativity, literally it holds everything
and I most likely no longer have the email I paid for Scrivener with nor do I know
the license number etc etc.

do you know someone to recommend who likes disorganized artists and seeks to be up to date in the safest easiest most friendly way.

thanks so much



would it be possible for me to call scrivener and get help with this?

It is challenging for me and I would love to be on the other side happily.

thanks so much.



I’m afraid we aren’t able to offer phone support.

The upgrade guide I linked is in the form of a Scrivener 2 project. You can work through that as many times as needed – including downloading a fresh copy if needed – before risking your own work.


I understand this is the way and

as I said I need help.
I am not young.
and I am alone.
and everything digital is not working out well.

I am deeply creative and my life work is on scrivener.
I need a friendly human to help me.

in the old days scrivener spoke to me and helped.

could you recommend someone who likes disorganized artists?

I would appreciate it greatly.

thanks for understanding and helping if you can.

I appreciate the other info.

friends died or moved away.
stranded in LA

need to save the day.




Where are you starting from? Have you downloaded the upgrade guide? Have you installed Scrivener 3?

Thank you.
Just saw this.

Will respond as soon as the drilling stops and I can focus.

deep appreciation.


Hi, Laurel,

It may provide some help and comfort to know that to a great extent your everyday interaction with Scrivener will work in the same way as you are used to. And each old project will be converted to the new project file format automatically the first time you open it (and then that will be done). So, once you get the new Scrivener 3 app into your Applications folder (aka “installed”), you will be back working in Scrivener as always in no time.

The most significant way Scriv 3 does differently is in how the Compile function works, but that is not probably something you need to even think about immediately.



Thank you.

I know I need someone to help
as with the computer on such an old operating system and
not knowing which email I paid for scrivener with and
not knowing the serial number and things like that
and not easily grasping all the instructions I could easily
do something along the way and freeze.

I am good at many things that are creative artistic teaching speaking writing dancing.

The digital deluge is not a natural language to me and
getting my life work to a safe harbor is key.

I was just hoping there was someone here who enjoys disorganized artists,
loves Scrivener and could help so I feel safe and do not repeat inadvertently
deleting very important things.

I have on the antique Scrivener so much I love and you might love too.
beautiful novels and so much more.

I will download the manual and begin to try to fathom the way:
i know that the many things I do not know will make this transition journey unnecessarily perilous; including computer not old but not new and tending to send the rainbow swirl when I need it to efficiently perform a task.

the last person who tried to help said you have to upgrade computer first and I said
I don’t think that is wise until scrivener is in the new place.

We could say I was in a fairy hill for a decade or more and now I am alone.
I need to relearn the digital world I knew once upon a time, even though it is an entirely different land. Although I super appreciate the awareness that the new Scrivener, once my Novels and creative expression land there, will be mostly familiar to me. I still need help in safely getting all from A to Z.

thank you
Merci Beaucoup

I am, of course, looking for help too.



Why don’t you go on Craigslist in LA and hire someone to help you? There is no shortage of computer consultants in LA and if you advertise, you will find many who can help. Or contact the computer science department at UCLA, USC and tell them what you need. There are LOTS of screenwriters in LA who use Scrivener. One of them will be able to help.

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Thank you.
Hiring someone to help did not work
that is why
I am here
seeking help.

After I could find no phone number for Scrivener;
I hired a Mac expert who
mired me
in vexing
then charged way too much…
for no thing.

Now, I am
hoping for a personal recommendation
or a Scrivener approved recommendation
to avoid persnickety ghastly bits.

Fortunately, I am here.

Possibly someone will step forward
to help me who has a clue
and a mellow blue
Scrivener clarity
and wizardry and a fabulous
sense of humor
to glide me into the realm of
easily doing this
in a playful albeit careful way
definitely knot losing anything
and celebrating
in de light in the new land.

Diving into the novel I am completing,
these days,
without feeling like I am
typing in an antique medium
in a shaky land,
and something might
I can
be excellent.

when this intention and necessity
moves from
to accomplished easily
relax asap.

As I discovered this forum I also saw a plethora of messages about missing folders and other
unnerving daunting possibilities.

the age thing really happens.
I am no longer young.
And strangely I find myself alone.

Although, of course, that too is a mystery.
and Life is verra mysterious.

Blessedly creativity heals,
and hope fully
reveals a mysterious way
to trance port my scrivener treasures
from the 1800s into the modern daze
easily and not lose me
or my life work along the way.

transporting scrivener to a new land
in an easy friendly
way to
here now.

may all find a way to navigate today
beauty fully.

tis often
mystery her eeeeee aka mystery.

Unfortunately I already spent way too much money hiring someone to do this. he could not figure it out because of all kinds of things I do not understand. He was a Mac expert.

Hiring off the street could put my life’s work at risk.

I was hoping to talk to Scrivener directly like in the old days.
or someone who truly gets I can not lose everything and I need to carry everything into these
modern digital maze
in plague ing daze


thank you

perplexed and hope full

laurel aka Laurie

Try again. You can’t tell me there are no available experienced Scrivener people in LA. If you post you’ll get at least 20 offers.

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You may be right.

Craigs list can also be verra unwise too.
a friend of a friend or a personal recommendation from Scrivener approved someone
would help me feel I am in good hands.

I have found it is best to ask for what you really need.
then life has a way
of saving the day
in a kindred way.

thanks too.


I gave you options besides Craigslist: the computer science departments of UCLA, USC. Try a screenwriter’s group. Try a writer’s group. LA is a big city, if you haven’t found anyone you’re not looking hard enough.

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as I said I am seeking a personal recommendation.

thanks for understanding.

I trust Scrivener directly and that is why I began asking here.

My creative brain understands many things.
It does not easily comprehend digital steps.
thus, even some of the suggestions here are mystifying to me.

As I said, I spent way too much money with a Mac expert and he was not able to help me.
I imagine we all learn from myst aches aka mistakes and hope to receive kindred help as close to the source as possible.

Imagine this thread will call to me someone who is exactly right.

thanks so much


Failing you reading the Scrivener Manual and other resources available to you, I believe you need help from a writer who uses and sort of understands Scrivener. Nobody understands it all! So-called “Mac Experts” may or may not be writers, but a title “Mac Expert” is usually not good enough.

still looking for help.

will continue to.

thank you if you have a clue who could help.

may all be deeply well.


just saw I mistakenly turned on the trial of the new version though I did not try it once.

could someone restore the settings so I could try it when I have someone to help me.

digital everything is super hard for some of us.

just noticed this and am, off course, concerned.

have stayed away until I found help with safe passage.


I’m just curious… how?