Need non-fiction book template for Scrivner Windows.

Hi I need a non-fiction book template for Scrivner Windows. Will one be developed for Windows Scrivner 3?
I write Christian non-fiction books.

There’s no difference between a Windows v3 project and a Mac V3 project, so you’ll be able to use any template from the Mac on Windows, including the non-fiction ones.

(Technically, you can also use the templates from previous versions, but they need to go through a one-off conversion process and they’ll miss a couple of features, so probably best to use a V3 one at first.)


From the main toolbar: File>New Project, then in the popup select Non-Fiction and then one of the three available templates.

Google ‘scrivener non-fiction book template’ or any of the auto-suggested search phrases and you will find plenty online.