Need Scrivener Expert to help me format Short Story collection

I’m getting tired of trying to figure out how to title each story, carry the title of the story into the right heading while maintaining the collection title in the left heading (which I occasionally get right then find all my other formatting has hit the proverbial fan. I’d rather spend my time polishing my stories than using my “try and compile” method. Willing to pay for assistance (actually happy and expecting to pay for assistance).

So far:

Novel Format

Root is Novel Title

Level 1 is a folder for Chapter Heading (used for short story title)

Level 2, I used scene( or scenes, from one to many), but that wouldn’t get my chapter (story) title into the page heading. I’ve used section, which depending on how I format the other sections or scenes works well or doesn’t. And I’ve used all scenes, which gives me Chapter Headings as desired, but other issues arise.

(Scrivener 3.2.2 for Mac)

TIA, John

I also wondered about how to go from writing a story to compile a bunch of them into an anthology?

Would be great if anyone on here could share a template for short story collection. I tried to download some from older posts but they don’t work with newest version on Mac. Thanks in advance to those who are willing to share.

Page Headings are defined as part of the Page Settings pane in the Compile Format editor. See Section 24.20.6 in the (Mac) Scrivener manual for more information.

Other than that, the Novel formats are probably a pretty good place to start, but you’ll want to make sure you use a Section Layout that uses the actual title rather than “Chapter One” or something like that.


Thanks Katherine…appreciate the advice.

Hi Gully,

Attached is a template I downloaded from these forums last year. I don’t recall the original post, but the template seems to have been developed in 2019.

I’ve never used it myself, except for verifying that it works by creating a new Windows Scrivener v3 project.

I’m sure you’ll have to modify it to suit your purposes. Hopefully you find it a good starting point. :slight_smile:


Thanks Jim…it won’t work for me. Maybe because I am on Mac? I appreciate the effort. Thank you.

What version # of Scrivener are you running? Please describe what you mean by “it won’t work”. What step in the process is failing?

Version 3.2.2…when I attempt to open it, it tells me it cannot open in Scrivener.

Says: The document “Book of short stories.scrivtemplate” could not be opened. Scrivener cannot open files in the “Scrivener Template” format.

Am I opening incorrectly? Thank you again.

OK Jim…I figured it out. Was not importing correctly! I have it now. Thank you for your help and patience!