Need Scrivener Screenshots

Hi Scrivener users,

I’m interested in purchasing Scrivener, but I own a computer that runs on Windows. I’ve been thinking about getting a Mac so I can use Scrivener. I have the money and just need a little more convincing. I would like some more screenshots of Scrivener’s main features. If you could take some screenshots you would help me out a lot.


Here you go. Give Scrivener and Mac a try. You won’t go back…but if you do, you can always ship me the new Mac :smiley:

I suggest going to an apple store and installing Scrivener on one of their demo computers… then you can play with it for yourself!

Just download the .dmg from the beta testing forum, open that, and drag the application to the desktop. Double-click and away you go.

(Normal installation would have you dragging the app to the Applications folder, but the demo computers may require a password to put anything there. The desktop shouldn’t be locked, though.)

What is that tab on the left side in your full screen mode? Is it part of Scrivener, or a third party application?

It’s been a while since I tried it, so I could be wrong, but it looks like a tab from the launcher app/Dock substitute DragThing. Cute use of it, too.