Need Space Between Footnotes

Hello All!

I need a space between my footnotes in my compiled version. The footnotes are single spaced which is good, but I need a space, a single line between each note. I’ve tried adding a return line and a space in the footnote window, but it isn’t making a difference in the compiled paper. I’ve also tried copying in a white letter (such as a C) but since this requires a return there ends up being two lines between the notes. How can I get a single line?

Thanks muchly,


Does it have to be an actual literal carriage return, or can it be visual spacing? The latter would be the usual way of going about formatting things like this. Scrivener itself doesn’t address special formatting for footnotes (beyond changing the font style), but it is trivial to open the RTF in something like Nisus Writer Pro and setting the footnote style (in the stylesheet, not individually as that would be rather painful!) to have an after-paragraph spacing of 12pts or whatever is appropriate.

There is something about the Scrivener RTF files that will not let me get a space between the footnotes in either Open Office or Mellel. It is like they don’t act like OO or Mellel footnotes.

So, here is what I’ve had to do:

  1. I put the word “space” that I’ve changed to all white after a hard return in every footnote.
  2. When I compile the document every so often (every 8th footnote or so) there will be more than a single line between the footnotes. I have no idea why this happens, but it has nothing to do with what I have in the footnote line. I’ve tested and retested and it seems to be a random bug.
  3. Compile to ODT
  4. Bring into Open Office and manual go through and take out all the mislined footnotes.

I only have 180 footnotes right now, but when I get up to the 700 mark or so I’m in serious trouble. Any other ideas?