Need specifics on importing multiple word docs

Hi everyone. Brand new here.

I’m working on my second fantasy novel – this one more complex with a tighter story-arc than the first. I haven’t looked at every resource but I have seen quite a few and haven’t yet found how to bring in an entire first draft. All the videos and descriptions I’ve seen are about how to import single docs as if they are the whole enchilada – possibly splitting off portions in the doing.

If someone could direct me to instructions for:

a) how to format a word.doc to come in clean and consistent and
b) how to import 70 chapters, in order, with titles

I’d be much obliged. Thanks, Skip

Also, make sure you’ve been through the Scrivener Tutorial if you haven’t used the program before.


Thanks all, I haven’t found how to create subdocuments from an existing document, in this case, a chapter. How do I split those up? Cheers, sh

Either File → Import and Split when you import the file, or Documents → Split afterward.

Use File/Import/Import and Split. If the Word document is formatted correctly, i.e. the chapter headings are not just in a larger bold font or similar, but have an actual higher level in the document hierarchy, Import and Split will transfer the hierarchy to the binder.

It’s already imported.

You can open several projects at once. I am working on a scifi trilogy with a base project holding the worldbuilding and character, location info. Each book has its own project and can open and compare if want. I admit to having a multimonitor setup which makes this much easier to pull off.

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Either you can go through it using Documents → Split and sorting out the hierarchy as you go; or you can make a new project and Import and Split it into that, then ditch the original… that is assuming you haven’t trashed the DOCX.


No. I keep all the iterations. The corkboard seems a great way to do this so when I get some time I’ll put the problematic chapters in their own project and identify the chunks. Thanks all for your advice, sh