Need to change comments background colour

I am using Scrivener on OSX on a 27 iMac. How do I change the colour or border of comments and footnotes?

It’s hard to distinguish between the active comment and the others in full screen mode.

Thanks for the help.

Footnotes cannot be independently changed. They all use the same grey colour to distinguish them from comments, which can have their colours changed. Just right-click on a comment to change its colour. While footnotes cannot be independently changed, you can alter the global colour that is used for them. It is the “Footnote Comments BG” setting in the Editor section of the Appearance preference pane’s Customizable Colors.

Could you clarify this point? There isn’t any difference in the appearance of footnotes in standard, Full Screen or Composition Mode. The selection highlight in all of these is determined by your OS highlight settings (same colour that is used to draw a text highlight).

I’ve attached a screenshot of what I am talking about. Is there a way to make the selected comment or foot note more visible? I can see it fine on a small screen but on larger monitors it’s hard to tell which comment I have selected. I find the small black border hard to make out.

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 16.20.49.png

The colour used here is just determined by your OS settings. This is in the “General” pane on newer versions of OS X, or “Appearance” in older versions. The “Highlight Color” is what you are looking for. If that is set to dark grey then you’ll get what you see here—but this might also be an inactive selection, by that I mean you aren’t actually focussed on the inspector bar. Highlight colours diminish when they are not active, so as to avoid turning your screen into a fireworks show.