…nicker nicker nicker…

HEY! That’s a great picture of vic-k there on the right.

He’s so cute when he’s being shy. :blush:

ME SHY!!! :open_mouth: :imp: Do me a favour!! jeezz. My image really is taking a battering lately.

Mooning the stable yard is shy?! I just hope the little fillies had their blinders on!

Bellissima! :smiley:

Dis ~

A couple more butts for dart throwin’.


Awwww–that looks like a little rump-high baby. :smiley: So cute. GORGEOUS color. One of your DWBs?

Nice butt, that! Horse aint in bad shape either! :smiling_imp:

Thingsre definitely looking up on the lower decks. Weve got Sexkitten from New Joisey and the beach bunny from California.

That’s my copper-penny appendix. She was two in this pic, I think. She topped out at 16.4. Later on down the road, she and I got smeared by a semi-truck, so for her therapy, I started her in dressage—I was totally hooked after that.

I picked up two warmbloods afterward and neither one of them could perform as well as she could. Same training, same ranch, same everything (minus the traumatic street riding incident, of course). So now that I lost my A** in Cali anyhow, I’ve got a bee up my bonnet about doing warmblood quarter crosses. I’ve lost my mind.


You have NOT lost your mind. I’m fond of saying that daughter’s Appendix was the only sane horse money I ever spent. We bought him as a 17-yer-old semiretired eventer when she started Pony Club. He’d been six in the country at Radnor some years before. He’s older than she is. She started doing dressage on him and got a 70% in Training Level her first time out under Lazelle Knocke, who is an old battleaxe who NEVER gives scores above the high 60s. We were the riffraff in Pony Club (came from out of the area, did not own a barn or property, and wore chaps to schooling shows) and K (or I should say Taz) blew everyone else out of the water.

Here they are at their last show, a little event we went to as his swan song, right before we retired him. He won the blue :smiley: :

She always closed her eyes and grabbed mane three strides before the jump, and Taz took over. :laughing:

He’s 28 now, in a golden retirement, living out his days on 200 acres with his girlfriend. Kiara visited him last fall and made this adorable video:

IMHO there is NOTHING like an Appendix for sheer levelheadedness and goodwill, not to mention versatility and talent.

Okay, I’ll shut up now. :wink:

That is an adorable video and I did need a hankie.

(A retired cow pony taught me how to ride.)


I second that, but I went completely undignified and blubbered. Not fair, Molls! Half n half is supposed to be in your morning coffee, not salty tears.

Great video!



I want to know more about the semi truck smearing, DIs…

Here they are going cross-country. I love this pic.


Do NOT watch that in a cube farm if you want to retain any semblance of masculinity. Darn you Mum!

He is still our here by me, right? I may be making regular journey’s out his way for my son’s new hobby (homing pigeon racing) and could swing by and provide a poop tart fix on occasion.

That was soooo not a fun day. So, here’s what happened:

Me and my girl (Alex) are out for our usual two hour morning ride through the mountains and we’re coming back to the ranch by a short cut via the road because there’s a drop-off ravine on one side and fenced on the other. There’s a big, huge A, rock quarry up on the hill from the road, but the trucks, coming down the road, know the ranch and the riders so they always slow, give a wave - no problem. Rode the street through this patch a zillion times.

Well, this one morning when we’re about a hundred meters from the ranch entrance, this freakin idiot in a semi, coming down from the quarry gets three strides away from us and blasts his air horn. Holy Moly! Alex rears up and lunges. I keep her centered, keep her from getting away from me. No problem right? You’d think the truck would figure it out. No, worse, he slows down, gets closer to us, and hits the air horn again. Well, this time she spooks completely mad and the semi clips up with his grill and skids. I have no idea how we’re both not dead. But I end up getting thrown about twenty feet down into the ravine to my right, and my mare is nowhere to be found. I crawl myself out of there. The truck is gone, and I see my mare pumping blood right at the entrance to the ranch. She’s starting to buckle and I run.

There’s no bridle on her, her ear is ripped half off, her left hind leg is squirting blood, the saddle flap is torn off, there’s a huge vertical split down her girth, but she stands there with me while I’m trying to figure out what to do. Just as I start to REALLY panic one of the ranch’s track vets comes barreling down the road in his truck, screaming to a stop at the entrance (He was on his way to the ranch - and saw what happened, what luck!). So, while I’m puking my guts out from a concussion, the vet throws open the back of his truck for his gear, main-lines my baby, and performs surgery on her right there in the dirt.

I cannot believe we both didn’t die. Anyhow, she was layed up for three months and then I started doing her therapy. It was the worst. Needless to say, she was an E-ticket ride on the street after that. You could shoot off her, walk over snakes, go through a river, camp, three-day eventing, dressage, trailer from here to eternity without a hitch, but on the street…eh, well, I guess that’s what saddle bags are for—lots of Guiness.


Jaysen, he would LOVE that. :smiley: The Strawberry frosted pop tarts are the best. You should give my friend a ring before you go over so she can make sure he’s in the barn or accessible. I’ll pm you her number and address.

Dis–OMIGOD. I got sick to my stomach reading that. What an asshole that driver was! All I can think is maybe his brakes weren’t working properly and he panicked, but for God’s sake the least he could have done was stopped. Maybe he figured he’d killed you and the best thing was to get the hell out of Dodge.

You poor kid. YOUR POOR HORSE. I agree, a miracle the both of you didn’t die on the spot.

Riding in traffic still scares me. I try not to tense up, but they know. I can’t imagine how you ever went near a road again.

She’s a real trooper that filly. Do you still have her? Breed her to a nice warmblood–I think you can still get a breeding out of Rampal… :smiling_imp: