Hi, all
tried to find a solution for a nerving problem, but wasn´t successfull. After starting with Scrivener, I had a lot of problems to generate a latex output I want to, but this is an other question (MMD is not quite simple as some “experts” like fletcher etc. explains…)

My question I want to raise here is simple. If I compile a draft (mmd-latex), I´ll be asked for a name and if it already exists to replace it or not. OK, fine. Unfortunately, this doesn´t work if I have pictures included in a doc. As a newbie, I have to compile it more often to check whether formulas, pic´s etc. work with my mmd tests and as a result, this leads to “thousands” of folders.

Why doesn´t Scrivener not replace an existing folder (including tex, pics, pdf etc.)?

Please help, I´m getting mad!


This is a known issue and will be fixed in version 2.0. The reason it does this is that if you have images, it has to create a directory, but it hasn’t asked you to create a directory and therefore doesn’t want to risk overwriting an existing directory that might have important files in it. As I say, this is on my list of issues though and I should be taking a look at it in a few weeks to find a better solution.