Nested Keyword Bug

Hi again,

I noticed some odd keyword behavior while running through the tutorial. As you state, dragging a 2nd order keyword into the keyword inspector pane just adds that keyword, without the parent category. Dragging while holding the option key is supposed to add the selected keyword along with the parent category. Okay, that all works. However, I noticed the following:

In the keyword inspector, hit the + button to add a new keyword.
Open the HUD and drag a 2nd order keyword (such as a John) to the currently blank new keyword window.
The keyword that is added reads as follows: Characters, John.
Do the same with Aeryn, and it reads: Aeryn, Characters.

Two points: 1) this behavior isn’t documented in the tutorial; 2) it seems to work inconsistently between keywords, as illustrated above.

And I wonder if this will impact keyword searches.

Anyway, just trying to spot these before final release!

Kevin :smiley:

They’re used in alphabetical order, so it’s not really inconsistent. It might be more intuitive to put the parent keyword first, though.

Hi, yes, as Insignia notes, the keywords are stored alphabetically (the same as in Aperture, and as in Scriv 1.x).

Thanks though!

All the best,

Also, you can always reorder the keywords manually in the inspector, which will affect how they’re displayed on the index cards (if you show the color chips) or in the outliner.