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We know who you are Bannon! We know what you are trying to do! If you carry on like this, Sciv’ s crew will make you walk the plank!
I’m writing this on my Kindle Fire’s butter and banana smeared touch screen (I’m having my breakfast). Were I to flip to the e-books I’ve down loaded, I ‘d find a library covering virtually everything from: Pre Big bang timetables for Inter Parallel Universe travel via Wormhole Shuttle service, up to and including the Tory party manifesto’ s, “Living with fake news”.

Don’t get me wrong, I love analog books. But, if I’m honest, I have to admit that ebooks are pretty nifty, as well. I don’t have to rely upon the good graces of my friends and relatives when moving, for one. Secondly, if I’m traveling, an ebook reader is lighter to pack. Thirdly, I don’t need a separate flashlight for reading under the covers at night when it’s cold out. :slight_smile:

While I much prefer to read traditional books I digitized my whole library (I hired someone, it took 7 years) and donated all the books to a school. And now what took up several rooms fits into a flash drive (-: Before moving was an arduous process, no longer so. And of course there is the advantage of being able to search and annotate the books. But I still like to read traditional books, I can totally get away from everything and am not distracted by emails or tempted by internet distractions.


Mmmm … Bannon … Steve Bannon. Evangelical Alt Right Fake Newsist. … trategist/

I’m not being nosey, Orphy, but I’m really intrigued as to the category of the books, and also what type of individual would amass all those books, then spend seven years digitising them before donating them to a school. OK! I am being nosey :blush:
I built bookcases to house all my books. Granted, I’m talking about hundreds, not thousands of books.

Is he more fake than say the BBC or CNN? I would actually like to find a source for neutral, factual news. I want to stay away from rabid wingnuts. Some say that the WSJ is the best but that is behind a paywall. I recently stumbled on the South China Morning Post which was a pleasant surprise and an interesting source for Asian news.

Note that the South China Morning Post was acquired by Alibaba Group in 2016, Since then, its not clear whether it has maintained its independence from the mainland Chinese government. As an alternative, you might have a look at the English editions of Japan’s big two: Yomiuri (right-leaning) and Asahi (left-leaning).

Among US newspapers, I’d recommend reading any two of the following: NY Times, Washington Post, Houston Chronicle, LA Times. The first two lean left, the second two lean right. The WSJ has a good reputation, but they’re owned by Murdoch now so I refuse to give them money on general principle. Probably The Economist is the best business-oriented alternative.

And yes, Bannon is much more fake than CNN or the BBC. He’s a propagandist, not a journalist.


I am an independent scholar, My interests are in the following topics in no particular order: India, and its Vedic culture and religion especially Vaisnavism. All things Vedic including ayurveda (medicine), political science, astrology, Sanskrit, astronomy, vastu (architecture), palmistry, vedanta, mimamsa (Vedic hermeneutics), nyaya (dialectics), sankhya, yoga, pancaratra, dharma sastras, puranas, ancient Indian history and all other ancient histories as well because that leads into the study of ancient cultural exchanges between India and Africa, Mesopotamia, Europe, China and the rest of Asia. This is especially in relation to history of astrology/astronomy between India, Mesopotamia and Greece. History and practice of divination in all different cultures. So I had all kinds of books from Herodotus to the Mahabharata to the I Ching (8-9 editions of that) plus hundreds of journals (and thousands from JSTOR), the whole Loeb series - both Greek and Latin. Collections of translations of Sanskrit Hellenistic, Persian, and Arab astrological texts. And a lot more. All non-fiction (I stopped reading fiction at age 19)

It became harder and harder to move as the collection grew. I started out in the 1970s as a monk being able to carry all my possessions in one hand to having a large library that just made moving a real chore. That became especially obvious when I wanted to move from one continent to another. Now that is a snap. I currently only have a few books in traditional form. I try to refrain from buying new books, and limit myself to what makes me salivate. I then scan that in by myself as there are only a few. Any new journals I get are also scanned in by me. I no longer have someone doing it for me as it is only a few books to do. The main thing is that I have all my library on DropBox taking up about 100 GB and with multiple backups just in case. And as I said it fits into a flash drive instead of taking up most of my domicile.

I gave the books to a gurukula (traditional Vedic school) in India. They named a section of the library in my honor. “The Orpheus collection” (-: I think my donation of books is about 25-50% of their whole library. It was a large collection gathered over the course of 40 years.

Yes I knew abut the Alibab connection, I always try to find out as much about who is behind a publication as is possible. But it seems the SCMP still toes a Western liberal slant, which some commentators on it complain about, and is not a “Pravda”…yet.

When did the LA Times start leaning right?

I started out reading the NYT then switched to BBC now avoid them. Though I will occasionally look at NYT to see what the left wingnuts are saying in the comments - they are from another planet (-:

To see what the right wingnuts are saying I visit Breitbart. They, as Bill Maher admitted cover a lot of stories the MSM ignore, but one does tire of it after a while.

The comments on both sides indicate a very divided country with no healing in sight. Rather just a further polarization can be expected.

As Glubb pointed out that on average an Empire lasts 250 years, and on 2026 is the USA’s 250th anniversary and the strains are apparent. Of course that doesn’t mean they will be closing shop in that year (-:

I also go to Reuters and AFP.

And for even more selection there is


Regarding Bannon I don’t recall reading anything by him. People of a certain persuasion detest him but I have no experience reading his stuff so have no informed opinion.

I heard a joke that went like this “The people who run the country read the WJS. The people who think they run the country read the NYT. And the people who wished they ran the country read the LA Times.” (-:

Interesting that you say that the LA times is right leaning. In India the papers that are claimed to be right leaning seem pretty left leaning.

I just saw now how Canada has stripped Daw Aung San Suu Kyi of her honorary citizenship because of the Rohingya problem. The following article from The New India Express gives a different light on the matter than you will read in the Western press.

What a blessing for those kids!

Thanks for these. According to Reuters.

“Asahi” is the least trusted news source in Japan. But there is another left leaning one called “The Mainichi” which is more trusted. I will explore both the left and right leaning ones…

I’ll take a look at the Houston Chronicle.

The thing about the NYT is that they are left leaning but pretend to be neutral, whereas Breitbart is upfront about where it stands. At least with the later you know right away what they are up to not so with the former.

Apaprently there are ways to get past WSJ’s paywall and read it for free. I used to do that. But then WSJ wised up and changed some code. So it is a cat and mouse game. You have to search for methods to get behind the paywall for free.

:open_mouth: :unamused: I think I’ll stick to the

Orphy, thanks for a very comprehensive reply to my nosey question.
I shall devote some of my time to the Vedic Culture +++ :wink:
Take care

Well, the other important difference is that the NYT actually cares whether its articles are true.

And while the New York Times leans left, Breitbart is way way out on the far right fringe with the fascists, and proudly so.


Except for the NYT Editorials section. They’re…very concerning, as of late.

Agreed. The NYTimes’ commitment to ‘balanced’ viewpoints has led their editorial page seriously astray. And IMO their political coverage is entirely too reliant on anonymous sources with personal axes to grind.


Well, isn’t this typical for this user forum? What began with a joke in a comic strip led to a discussion about … a lot of other stuff that has nothing to do with the comic strip.
I love it! :smiley: