New document from selection

Instead of just being able to split the document into 2, with 2nd new document beginning from the highlighted selection, I’d like to be able to highlight a selection, and make JUST that highlighted portion into a new document with one click (instead of cut, make new document, title new document, and paste). I have longer documents that I’ve written in Word, but I want to pull out and rearrange some sections and make them their own chapter, while leaving the rest of the main document intact. Thus I want to section out the chunks that I want to move around so I can play with them to get them in the proper order for their own chapter. For example, say my whole document has sections A - Z, but I only need to extract sections B, E, G, K, L, R, and V, to rearrange them into their own chapter. Instead of making 26 new documents by splitting at the beginning of each section, it would be much faster for me to highlight just the sections I want to use in my new chapter, and make them each into a new document all by themselves, and then rearrange them as needed. Once I have them how I want them, then I could merge them into one document, and voila, I’d have my new chapter. And I would still have the other sections (A, C, D, F, H, I, J, M, N, etc.) just as they were, in one single document all together, minus the sections I pulled out to make into their own chapter.

There is a method that should be a bit easier than what you’re describing:

  1. Right-click on the selected text.
  2. Select the Append Selection to Document/New… command (this is the part that may not be on Windows yet—sorry I’m not around one at the moment to double-check).
  3. -or- instead of those two steps, Alt,E,D,enter to use the menu accelerators.
  4. If you’re happy with the last location you saved such a file to, and the generic name that is supplied, just hit enter.
  5. Backspace to wipe the selection (optional of course—and it looks like you need to Ctrl-Tab to get back to the editor, that could be smoothed over).

That’s not one click, but I think at least asking the user for a location and name is important to provide, since if you don’t care (or even prefer using the first few words of a section as a name) you can hit enter immediately, anyway. And short of having an entire separate command menu for extracting vs. copying the text to the target document, I don’t believe requiring a simple backspace is out of line either.

And there will be an even better method once we get it implemented (very close to one-click): you’ll be able to drag text into the Binder, or a group view in a split, to create a new text document from that text. So that would be just one click and drag and then deleting the text. You could fork out a bunch of disparate paragraphs quite quickly that way.