New documents create copies of other documents

I was experimenting with something else when I discovered that adding new documents to the Windows Interactive Tutorial project using the green “new document” button created copies of documents further up in the binder.

Try this:

Create a new Interactive tutorial.
Click on the Research folder.
Click on the green “new document” button in the toolbar.
Do it again.

The second document should have the text (if not the big graphic), from the START HERE document at the top of the binder. Creating subsequent documents seems to copy the other documents in the binder.

I’m not getting anything like that. It sounds like you’ve got a bad copy of the tutorial. Assuming you’ve tried a few times, creating the tutorial, replicating the bug, trashing the tutorial, recreating the tutorial etc., are you always creating the tutorial in the same place? What if you copy the Tutorial.scriv folder manually from the Scrivener installation and then open the copy–does it occur there?