New Documents Populating With Old Text (Windows)

I’m using Windows

I create a new document using (Add > New Text) and it is populated with text I’ve written before.

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I am having the exact same problem. I’m using Windows too.

When I create a new document by using (Add > New Text) I do not get a blank page, but it is populated with text I’ve written before. The ramifications are…

  • The biggest problem is if I hadn’t been watching I would have unknowingly overwritten my previous document.
  • Next, it moves the existing text file from it’s desired place in the Binder to wherever I tried to add “New Text.” This means I have to drag it back down a long way and try to put it back in correct location. It is very frustrating.

Lastly, I cannot do anything until this gets resolved which makes Scrivener useless to me and I am sure, others.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Standing by,

There are a few other threads regarding this bug. I don’t think they are going to fix it. Their attention is at the new v3. I experience it myself, and although annoying and time consuming, it’s not something to worry about.

It doesn’t affect your old documents since it just copies part of their text into the new document.


Well, if they’re using code from previous versions, this would be part of the experience for v3.

Also, it is extremely annoying when you’re trying to write quickly. Some of us have deadlines to make, and not only does one have to delete the old text, and worry about how they’re making new text-documents, but its very distracting which throws off my flow as an author and could be effecting (I believe is effecting) the quality of my work.

The whole reason I bought Scrivener, and anyone buys Scrivener is to make writing easier. It’s to not have to deal with folders, and tracking documents, and all the other stuff on our own.

If I have to think about something other than what my characters were doing in the previous scene every time I create a new file, and lose my flow, which frustrates me and throws off my entire workflow, slowing me down, making my task of writing less enjoyable for me, and by extension probably less enjoyable for my readers, than what do I want Scrivener for? Why would I buy v3 if they’re not fixing something so annoying in this version? How can I trust them, if they’re not working no on it?

If I wanted to worry about technical stuff while writing, while working, I’d use MS Word and folders or something. I’m using Scrivener so its seamless, so I don’t lose my flow. So I can remember the witty quip, or dire idea I had, and not lose my train of thought because I’m dealing with a bug in the software. :imp:

Yeah, that would drive me nuts.

Have you reported this directly to the L&L support team? These boards are more for peer-to-peer support.

I’m grateful that I’m not experiencing that, but if I were, I’d completely uninstall and reinstall Scrivener, to see if that made a difference. If you decide to try this, you may want to back up your Preferences first. Tool > Options > Manage > Save preferences.