New drag&drop bug (Nano version)

FYI, dragging external-editor-only documents now always displays a can’t-drop icon, regardless of where you try to drop them. They can now only be moved using the menu or the keyboard shortcuts, where in previous betas they could be dragged and dropped anywhere.

(Also, another long-standing drag-drop bug is still in effect: hitting Escape to cancel dragging causes an immediate and unexpected multiple selection of items in the binder, possibly along with a change of what document is current in the editor(s).)

I’m going to pre-order anyway (just heard about the option to do so), but thought I’d give you a heads-up for 1.0.1 or so? :wink:

Dragging and dropping unsupported file types should work for 1.0; there was a change in the later betas where it was not possible to import these types and that caused a change in their handling within the binder. In 1.0 there is an option for whether to allow unsupported types to be imported, and if this is set so you can import then you’ll also be able to move them around freely.

For now, to cancel a drag and drop, try just dragging the mouse far off the edge of the binder so that the drop line/circle doesn’t appear; when you drop, nothing will happen, and it will avoid the extra selection.

Thank you for the pre-order!

Hi-- I’m new to Scrivener and am using the Nano version (Windows, 0.0.48) for the first time. I imported .rtf text into Scrivener, it arrived completely unformatted which was a bit of a pain, and now I find I am unable to drag and drop text. I get the ‘can’t drop’ icon (*though when I open the default Scrivener with the introductory text, I am able to drag and drop there).

I have added many scenes as new text, and cannot drag and drop in those files either. Is there a workaround or … ?