New file in first window?

When I open Scapple I get a blank Scapple window ready to start work. If I open an existing Scapple document it opens in a new window. Is it possible to have it open in the first window rather than having a blank window that has to be closed every time?

This is just standard OS X document behaviour, I’m afraid, and there’s no way to override it. If you’re on 10.7 or above, though, it should automatically open your previous document without opening a new window as well (this was new standard behaviour on 10.7).

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That was annoying me - opening a new window(board -whatever its called) everytime I opened Scapple. I looked in preferences to change it - no success, read through the manual - no success - gave up and gritted my teeth - it is amazing how small things can be so annoying!

However if you quit Scapple with the window (board) still open then when you reopen Scapple next time it opens the same window. If you close the window (board) and then quit Scapple then next time you open it you get a new window (board).

If that makes sense.