New font not showing up

I installed new fonts, but some of them are not available in the font drop down in Scrivener.

I have two of them available, but not their italic or bold variants. Mac’s Font Book shows them all to be installed.


Have you tried quitting and restarting Scrivener? The fonts list is built during start-up.

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Yes, I did that initially.

Actually, if it’s just the italic and bold variants, they shouldn’t show up separately in the font drop-down menu anyway - they should be available as variants from the drop-down next to it.

I agree, but they are not there. I’ve rebooted the computer, and no joy.

Do they appear in the font panel?

If the fonts have different Family names embedded in them then Mac OS (and therefore Scrivener) won’t know to include all the variants under the same Font heading. This can sometimes happen in established well known fonts from reputable sources, as I recently had to go in and manually edit the font metadata on Merriweather Sans to get the Light variant to work properly*.

What font are you trying to view, and what variants are missing? I presume you’re getting a similar problem in other programmes such as Pages and TextEdit?

  • Big shout out for Merriweather and Merriweather Sans - I’m even using MWSans as my System font on Yosemite now.

Yes, they are all showing in ‘All Fonts’. The four added are there, but are missing from ‘Computer’.

Someone on a mac forum suggested rebooting in safe mode to clear the font book cache/db, but while waiting to sort this out I went through other fonts that I can use, and found one I preferred. Thanks for your time and effort though.