New Fonts

Hi I am new to Scrivener. I’ve started writing a novel in word on my iPad but was recommended Scrivener by a friend. I really like it and it’s fantastic for reordering ideas. I have used two fonts which I imported via iFont into word but they don’t appear in the Scrivener font list. Can you give me a run down on how to install new fonts in Scrivener.

Install them in the operating system, not in Word.

If iFont is a third-party font manager application, and you are running on iPadOS 14, apparently there was a change that affected all the third-party font managers.

Are you only writing on Scrivener in iOS, or are you syncing to Mac/PC Scrivener? If you are syncing to one of the two desktop versions, you can create a Dropbox\Scrivener\Apps\fonts folder (assuming you are using the default locations) and drop the font files you want to use in your Scrivener projects in that folder. Scrivener for iOS will find those files and load them.