New forum: vertical scrollbar cursor absent in Firefox

The vertical scrollbar cursor has gone AWOL in Firefox in the new forum (on checking: on the main site too). It’s present in Safari (on both site and forum). This is on High Sierra.

I can get it back by going into the inspector and unchecking main.css/body/background – so it’s presumably one of the items in there that’s the problem.

That workaround is hardly ideal, obvs, but its absence makes moving around a thread somewhat tiresome, and it removes the visual cue that shows the length of a discussion within a page.

Hmm, not familiar with the term you are using. What is a vertical scrollbar cursor—is that the part inside the scrollbar gutter? The body background doesn’t toggle anything for me—I’m not sure where it is used. I’m downloading the latest version of Firefox though, to check.

I see the scrollbar itself just fine in Vivaldi, but I also have my System Preferences set to always show the scrollbar, and wherever I can I disable site chrome as I despise the very concept of websites changing the UI. :slight_smile:

Strange! I’m still not getting that in Firefox. Are you using a browser theme maybe, something that would change how scrollbars look? For me, scrollbars look exactly like every other scrollbar on the system: very light grey background with a dark grey blob, as you put.

Okay! I’ll try with regular Firefox—I was trying with Firefox Developer Edition earlier, which uses a system scrollbar. From the screenshots of the new Firefox Quantum it looks like they’ve opted to redesign that element entirely.

Update: Gah! Still no luck. Here is what it looks like for me:

I tried turning off scrollbars in System Preferences: General, and I did get a different look there—but it seemed to be how Firefox always shows scrollbars with that preference enabled: as kind of a ghosted white blob over the page content itself. Kind of the opposite of what you’re describing.

FWIW I had a scroll bar elevator in FF when I started reading this thread (only visible when scrolling per my system prefs). However it has since changed from a visible grey on white to a nearly invisible white on white, Same in Safari and Chrome.

I presume there’s still some work going on behind the scenes of the forums as some of the fonts (face & sizes) appear to have changed as well.