New Install but need to change where files saved

Hi Everyone,

I just purchased a new MacBook Air M1 and wanted to install my Scrivener 3 license on it. When I was installing it, I believe I made an error when selecting where my project files would be saved. I have a dropbox account for backups but how do I ensure I have the correct location set to save projects? I’ve been using a Mac almost a year and I’m still not fully versed on the Mac file system! I “think” the best place to save projects would be Documents>Scrivener>[folder for each project].

Does that make sense? I have looked at Scrivener>Preferences>General>Saving> - but don’t see where to change my “file save to” location. I also did a search in the Scrivener manual but didn’t see this addressed. Backups yes, but not setting the the project file save location.

I appreciate any help anyone can offer me. I know it’s probably simple.


Hi Chris,

Go to preferences/backup and you can change the location of the files to be saved.

There is no Scrivener saving preference as you describe it. Rather, like most of the rest of the Mac universe, the first “default” offered is the Documents folder; after that, the “default” is wherever you saved the last project.

While you may save your projects to Documents or a new folder within it, please be sure that “optimize Mac storage” in system iCloud preferences is set to OFF. Leaving this Mac option on is a sure way to ensure the eventual corruption of any Scrivener project stored in Documents or in Desktop.

Ah! That’s why I couldn’t find the setting. I’m sorry, after using Windows from its first version, its file architecture is ingrained a bit. I’m learning, though.



You might like to look at this Mac utility: