New Installs on Win 7 Premium 32 Bit [LOGGED]

Everytime I install an updated beta on the initial launch the window opens off of the screen. I have to use the Windows Key + Right Arrow combination to get the window on screen. This only happens on the first launch of a new installation or update.


This happens to me every time, since, under Beta 018 I pushed that window away.
Now it opens every time at the place where I put it that day.
I have placed it back to the centre of the screen many times without success.
Even new installs did not fix this, neither 019, nor 020 or 021.

But it is useless to move that window around.
Just hit spacebar or enter.
I guess it is the “Beta Version” box, that you mean (the one with date of expiration).
Even “escape” will activate the application.

(I tried the three, and this is also Win 7 Home Premium 32 bit)

I am not referring to the beta expiration screen, I am referring to the application window itself. The entire application launches off-screen. This used to be only on new installations but now it does it on launch. It is not even all the time, but seemingly random. I cannot pinpoint the events that are causing it.

Hi kruek,

Do you ever use a setup with two monitors? Or have this problem with any other programs? It sounds like what happens if you work on a two screens and close the application when the window was open on the second screen, then open it later when the second monitor isn’t hooked up (because you’ve moved the project to another computer or because the second monitor isn’t on, etc.). Of course that shouldn’t affect a completely fresh install, but I just wanted to eliminate the possibility.

No, I use this software on a netbook and it has never been docked to any sort of docking station.

Just a quick thought that came, kruek, so will share it.

Don’t those netbooks often have a way to magnify and pan across and back, so that you can be working with a larger ‘screen’ than can all be shown at once?

If so, and because your situation seems intermittent, perhaps there’s some interplay between Scrivener and a ‘real’ vs. viewed screen size, which sometimes causes an apparent offset.