New Keyboard Shortcut for Reveal in Binder

This may be a Mac question more than an Scrivener question …

I’ve created my own shortcut for Reveal in Binder, like this:


but when I press Cmd-8, I just get a beep. Anyone know why?

That’s a conflict. CMD 8 is already assigned to switch to scriptwriting mode. You’ll need to change one of them to resolve the issue.

Slàinte mhòr.

Actually, I’ve found that I can set the shortcut, and it will work fine, but if I exit Scrivener and restart it, it will fail.

Other shortcuts that I’ve set up (e.g. to look up a word on Merriam Webster’s site) continue to work.

Conflicts, if we can call them that, are okay using the Mac shortcut assignment system. It’s probably better to call them re-assignment, in that the system will automatically move the assignment from the default command to the user-specified command. There are such a thing as conflicts, but those will be between different programs, and thus an issue seen mainly with global shortcuts.

That describes a normal case where you have two static menu commands in the same software, however. I believe in this case the matter that is complicating things is that ⌘8 is the shortcut for toggling scriptwriting mode on and off, and that is not a simple straightforward static menu command. If you head over to the Format ▸ Scriptwriting ▸ submenu, you’ll find the command this is ordinarily bound to at the top of the menu, and in doing so, you’ll find that the name of that command changes based on whatever script is currently in use. I bet there is some level of programmatic assignment going on that might periodically reset your customisation. I had different results than you did—it didn’t work for me the first time I tried setting it, but did after I restarted.

By the way, there are third-party tools that can provide better shortcut control. BetterTouchTool is the one I prefer for most things. It isn’t free, but it does a lot more than just shortcuts (and has a generous trial). Here is a somewhat recent discussion on it. One big thing with third-party tools for me is that the shortcuts aren’t stored in the application’s preferences file. Where that can be significant is that resetting a preference file for a program is a common Mac troubleshooting routine for misbehaving software. Backing up the shortcuts (and remembering to do so!) is possible, but a bit advanced, involving command-line utilities or manually editing rather XML files with a schema that isn’t terribly human friendly.

I tested this particular assignment request using BTT, and thus far I have run into zero glitches with it. ⌘8 always pulls up the binder, through multiple project open/closes as well as relaunching. It’s not perfect—I would stress. BTT tends not to mark the menus with the custom shortcuts, and it’s the kind of thing that you need to keep up to date given how deeply it impacts the input layer of the OS. Apple routinely breaks how it works with updates, but the developer of BTT is very responsive and usually has patches out before Apple even releases (you’ll note there is already a 10.14 beta version of BTT, for the version of macOS that will be released in a few months).

Thanks. I found that even if I used an obscure shortcut such as Cmd-Shift-Option-8, I had the same result (worked okay but did not work after a restart).

Doing through Keyboard Maestro works all the time.

I use KM for some of my shortcuts as well, I find sometimes it works best, even though it has a more complicated set up procedure.