New L&L Support Staff Required!

Hello everyone,

You may have noticed that it’s been getting a bit busier on the forums lately. For that reason, and because we hope that L&L will continue to grow, we’re now in a position to take on another person - or possibly a couple of people, depending on the time you can commit. You’ll be joining team L&L’s help and support staff, answering customer questions via our system and on the forums. All support is done online, so you won’t be expected to take phone calls, and to begin with you’ll mostly be dealing with fairly basic queries - re-sending people their serial numbers and such, to help free up our more experienced staff for the more difficult questions.

Sound interesting? Read on…

First, we’re looking for people who are able to work on a freelance basis, invoicing us for their services each month. This means you can be flexible about how many hours you take on (and also when you take them). Ideally, though, we’re looking for someone who can commit at least 20 hours of their time each week to helping us. As the position is for basic support, we’ll be looking to pay a rate of $15 an hour, though if you’re good we’ll do what we can to keep you! If you’re in the UK and are interested in more regular hours rather than freelancing, there is the possibility of it turning into regular employment if you prefer. (Unfortunately we are not able to employ anyone outside of the UK at this time, however, and can only hire freelancers from other countries.)

Second, it’s crucial to have a decent working knowledge of Scrivener - if you spend a lot of time on the forums answering random questions and sharing your knowledge for free, then this could be ideal for you! We don’t expect you to be an expert with detailed knowledge of every feature, but you will need to be able to answer basic questions about how to get around in and use Scrivener, and you’ll need to be good at looking up and finding out things as you need them. We’ll send you three sample support questions to respond to, in order to help us decide who to hire.

Third, it’s important that you have a high standard of written English. As a company that produces writing software, it’s important to us that all our communications with our customers are written in a professional manner.

Fourth, we’re definitely looking for someone we get on with - someone with a sense of humour and who doesn’t mind a bit of quirkiness from time to time. The ability to tolerate British spelling is a bonus.

One final point - when you get in touch with us, we’d like you to specify whether you are comfortable on the Mac or Windows platform (or both), and which you have access to.

So, if you’ve got this far and haven’t been put off then that’s great. If you’re interested, we’d be grateful if you could get in touch with us before December 4th, including your CV and a couple of paragraphs telling us a little about yourself and why you’d like to work for L&L. Please write to: and be sure to use the subject “Support Staff Help”.

All the best, and good luck!

Julia L&L

Many thanks to all those who replied to our call for more hands on deck - we were impressed by the number of those responding, not to mention their skills.

We’ve now closed the position but if you are interested in joining us in the future, please keep an eye on this section of the forum as if anything comes up, we’ll be posting details here.

A big, belated welcome to Vicki and Jonny, too.