New laptop: lost Garamond and want preferences

New laptop, and I want to transfer my Scriv preference from the old one to the new one. Can’t find the file on the old laptop - where is it, I wonder, and when I find it, what do I do with it to make my Scriv on the new laptop identical.

Also why can’t I get Garamond on the new laptop fonts?


Thank you


Preference files are always stored under ~/Library/Preferences - Scrivener’s is entitled com.literatureandlatte.scrivener.plist. You can save the preferences as an XML file via the Scrivener preferences panel, though, and then load them into the copy on your new machine in the same way.

Not sure about Garamond, I’m afraid - hopefully someone else will be able to help there.

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Thanks for the reply and pardon my competely stupidity but

  1. Save the preferences from Computer A as xml file via the Preferences panel on Computer A, but how? Can’t see how to do that.
  2. Transfer xml file when saved on Computer A (Via thumb drive?) and replace as the .plist in LibraryPreferences on Computer B? But do I have to change it back to not-xml (which is what?)

I know this is very stupid, but I can’t figure it out.


I think what KB means ist that you can just save and load the settings from Scrivener’s Preferences menu (“Manage…”, “Save Preferences…”, etc.). It’s that simple. :smiley: Save the file to a USB thumbdrive or whatever you’re using to transfer files between both Macs.

BTW, didn’t you run Apple’s Migration Assistant? That’s the easiest way to transfer user data to a new Mac (it should also copy your fonts, IIRC).

For Garamond:

Basically fonts are stored in either /library/fonts/ or /~/library/fonts/ so you need to look in those folders on your old system. You could also use spotlight to search for them. Then simply copy them onto your thumb drive and then copy them to the equivalent folder on your new machine.

Then you will have to activate them. The system provides FontBook to do that — you find it in your Applications folder — but I don’t use Font Book, so someone else will have to advise you exactly what to do in that case.

I use Linotype Font Explorer X — it’s free and I find it very easy to use. Open the App, choose “Import Fonts” from the File menu and follow what it says.

I don’t think it’s difficult under either app.



OK, Jenny, here we go. . . .

If you’re near an Apple Store it would be a really good thing if you signed up for their one-to-one program ( It’s $99 for a year of training at your pace. My cousin, Barbara, signed-up for it when she got her new laptop (decades-long PC person) and it has made a world of difference.

The best way to bring over all your old stuff to your new laptop is to use the Migration Assistant. You’ll need a firewire cable to connect your two laptops or both laptops will have to be on the same network. When you run the Migration Assistant on your new laptop (It’s in the Applications/Utilities folder), it’ll tell you what to do. OR, you can take both laptops into an Apple Store and they’ll help you move things from one to the other laptop.

Plug your thumb-drive (My-Thumb) into your old laptop.

Start Scrivener.

Select Scrivener/Preferences in the menubar. Scan down to the bottom of the window. There’s a Manage popup menu; click it and choose Save Preferences. If you don’t see a regular Save Dialog, click the down-pointing blue triangle at the far-right of the Save As: line. Navigate to My-Thumb and click Save.

Quit Scrivener and click somewhere on the desktop.

Your new laptop doesn’t have Garamond because it is not part of the standard system font installation. You got it from somewhere else.

Get a new Finder window (Cmd-N), Click on Your-Hard-Drive (probably Macintosh HD) in the sidebar at the left of the window. Open Library; then, open Fonts. Shift-click on all the files that have Garamond in their names. Drag them to My-Thumb. If you don’t see any files in this first Library, try your-home-folder/Library/Fonts.

Drag My-Thumb to the Eject icon in the dock.

Pull out My-Thumb and plug it into your new laptop.

Start Scrivener.

Select Scrivener/Preferences in the menubar. Click on the Manage popup menu and select Load Preferences. Navigate to My-Thumb and open “ScrivenerPreferences” (or whatever you named it). You’ve now loaded your old preferences.

Quit Scrivener.

Open My-Thumb.

Select all the Garamond files and drag them into Macintosh HD/Library/Fonts.
Restart your new laptop and go get some coffee or tea or other restorative.

Got all that?



And it’s done!

Thank you all. And especially to Dafu for the step by step instructions even an idiot could follow – which is exactly the point. The idiot has followed them and is now content and can get on with work as if nothing ever happened.

Now, I’ve got this problem with my boyfriend…

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Thanks again oh fine forum people.


Great joke - boyfriend trouble in the technical support thread. Haha!

Those kinds of questions go in this thread viewforum.php?f=13 , of course…

(I would put one of those winking yellow faces here, meaning ho ho I’m joking, but some people can’t bear them.)



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