New line in corkboard view[BUG LOGGED]

Is it possible in corkboard view to go to a new line in de “card”
I tried enter, control enter a.s.o. but there was no way to to to a new line.

This is a known bug and has been logged by Lee to deal with when he’s able. I believe the workaround found for this is something like copy&paste into notepad then paste back and it will keep the formatting.

You can change your return key behaviour in options to allow adding hard returns to index cards and the like.

Thank you very much for your hint about the options.
Now it works nice!.

No problem, glad it helped.

Weird, that doesn’t work for me. The new lines are visible when I’m editing that card, but ONLY when I’m editing that card, not in the inspector, either.

It’s not a crisis, I put the stuff that I felt needed line breaks in the notes for that scene instead of on the card. And it’s not until my ending, so there might even be a fix by then. :slight_smile: