New Lines versus New Paragraphs

I have about 400 photos currently in my project that need to be formatted to be in centered paragraphs. The text and photos were initially imported into S.

When I click a photo, and choose centered justification, the text above and below is center justified as well. I understand why. I remove the newlines between the photo and the text, and press Enter to create a new paragraph. Then I can justify the photo and text separately.

Is there any setting so that I can see the difference between newlines and newparagraphs? Is there a faster or simpler way to handle this?



You can turn on invisible characters in the Format/Options/ sub-menu. Line breaks will be shown as a return key style arrow and paragraph breaks as a pilcrow symbol.

Perfect, thanks. I spent a lot of time looking for that, and concluded there was no option for it.

Sorry to complain, but as a suggestion, here’s why I wasted a lot of time search for that option: It’s not where it belongs. It belongs in Tools/Options/Editor. First, all options should be in the Options dialog. Second, this isn’t really a formatting option, it’s an editor option (it doesn’t affect formatting, it only affects appearance in the editor). Could you pass that on?


My line breaks appear as boxes, not an arrow – I assume that’s OK.

That should be fine, it just means the font you are using doesn’t have the characters available that we are using for the whitespace symbols. Most fonts do, which one is that?