New Lit&Lat writing app - windows requirements

Hi there, hope it’s ok to make this a second thread, I’ll delete the previous one if it’s tidier.

From the response to my previous thread it’s clear my ancient Mac won’t cut it. So, I either need to invest in a new Mac, or a PC. Unlike some people I’m not wedded to either platform, having used both throughout the years, and money being a bit tight, I might buy a new PC (as cheaper).

The system requirements are no longer listed on the beta sign up page, instead there’s a message saying L&L doesn’t need any more beta users. So can I just ask what the windows requirements for the new app will be?


With the provision that all minimum specs are fluid until final release, at the moment we’re working from the same framework that Scrivener’s minimums are: Win 10+ and 64-bit. So long as you avoid ultra budget PCs that probably aren’t worth the plastic they come in, you’ll have a hard time not meeting those.

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I suggest buying a M1 Macbook Air since they are on sale for $749 at many major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. That machine is a few years old but is so much better than anything in that price range and will still last you for years to come. It will run scrivener fine, is fanless, and the battery lasts practically forever.