New Lit&Lat writing app

This seems to be a setting in Grammarly:

Sorry, I meant Grammarly settings.

One point I wanted to clarify: will the Beta include iPadOS? From the details given so far, and the screenshots, it seems not; but a man can hope, and ask. :laughing::pray:t3:


I wish Apple hadn’t split iOS into iOS and iPadOS as it gets confusing! I’m still in the habit of using iOS to refer to both - sorry for the confusion. (From a coding point of view, the iOS and iPadOS versions are the same app, just with more features available on iPadOS.)

But to answer your question, yes, there certainly is an iPadOS version. There’s no screenshot because (a) it would be nearly identical to the Mac screenshot and (b) we’re not showing too much until we’re close to being ready for release (sometime next year).

So be sure to sign up for the beta while there are still places left if you haven’t already done so!

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Looking forward to the iPadOS version. I deleted Scrivener from my iPad, not because the app itself wasn’t capable but because the Dropbox syncing was . . . What’s digital-speak for irritating? The iCloud sync between Apple Notes on my iPad and MacBook Air is friction-free (usually), though the actual writing experience is (often) whatever the digital-speak is for irritating.
Also, and it must be said, as some of us said back in the original Beta yaks back in 2006: When will there be Latte?


The REAL important business here, friends, is naming. This crew needs to get down to business and name this new app!!

Of course, it must begin with Sc__________.

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Or an anagram! Like… Renevircs. From Ettal & Erutarettil.



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KB has already spoken of it in terms of “Scalpel”.



You’ve got us: it’s Scritti Politti.


Actually… that really fits Ettal & Erutarettil.

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Scrimini :melting_face:
. . . . . . . . . .


“Get up and writing fast with Scamper.”

“Write it right right now with Scramble.”

“Real writers start from Scratch.”

“Writer’s itch? Get Scritch.”

“Scumble. Because your writing app should be as clear as you.”

“With its patented Politti mode, Scritti gets you to the top of the charts faster.”


Scritch sounds amazing :rofl:

Thanks @KB for clarifying on the iPadOS version! I applied for the Beta – hope I get in. And on the naming front: one natural relative of Scrivener would of course be Scribe.



How about Scrivs a streamlined Scrivener.

Been searching but is there anywhere that specifies minimum OS requirements for the new app? I’m on Ventura but will it go back as far as (say) Catalina? I’m less concerned about iOS as I’m generally right up to date with both phone OS and iPadOS.

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The requirements are on the beta sign-up page:

On Mac and iOS you’ll need the latest OSes, macOS 14 and iOS 17.

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How about Sc’mon, but with a smart apostrophe?

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That’s cutting edge.