New Mac Book Pro With Retina Screen

Today my new baby arrived :slight_smile: and I have been setting her up. This is the first Mac for me always a windows girl. I wanted to ask which is the best way to buy the Mac Version please of scrivener, by app or from here.

I prefer the one downloaded directly from the Lit & Lat website. It has a number of advantages; First, you get updates more quickly, since the App store version has to be reviewed by Apple, which takes a few days to a couple of weeks sometimes. Second, if Apple gets a bug up its nose over some implementation detail, there may be a minor difference in features until Kieth figures a way around the issue. Finally, when there’s a major upgrade, which I figure will happen ever few years, the one from the website will get an upgrade discount. Apple won’t give any way to provide discounts for software upgrades, so when version 3.0 comes out some day, the App Store version will be full price.

Thank you I will go that way then, have spent a traumatising few hours sorting out office for window which I bought and did not want to accept the code included in the box, ended up in an Indian call centre sorting it. So will install scrivener and scrapple from here tomorrow :slight_smile:

You might also want to adjust your bio (still says “Windows”). :wink: