New Mac, can't activate Scrivener

I come to see you because I got issues to activate Scrivener 3 on my new Mac.
First, it tells me that I only have a license for 1 computer, so I deactivate Scrivener on my old Mac.
In a second time, it asks me for an activation key that I don’t have. I only have my number of license.
And now, it tells me “No activation left for this serial number”.

What can I do ?

Thank you for helping me.


Ps :

We changed license providers a while back because esellerate went out of business. That’s why the attempt to contact their server is failing.

Beyond that, we can’t really address licensing issues through the forum. Please open a support ticket, here:

A screenshot of the exact error message that you’re seeing would be helpful.


Thank you ;)

Do make sure that you have Scrivener 3.1.5 installed. Since Scrivener is trying to contact eSellerate, you probably have an older version.