New Mac user due to Scrivener

Just wanted to let you know that I am now officially an owner of a Macbook Pro, all because of Scrivener. I have to say that I adore my Mac, and can’t believe I never made the switch earlier. The number of times I was surprised by how easy things were, I can’t even count. I also realised how complicated my own mind wanted me to work because of my experience with Windows. Installing Scrivener was hilariously funny when I thought I had to do God knows how many things to do it (all failed attempts), only to realise my Macbook was telling me what to do all along! It actually told me right there on the screen - but I was like… No, surely not… can’t be that easy. :laughing:

Still need to learn all the Scrivener features, but I have been writing with it over the weekend, and all is fine. Are you going to be offering Scrivener in the upcoming Mac Apps store, too?

Thanks for the kind words, and welcome to the forums (and to the Mac)! I’m glad Scrivener is working out for you, and that you aren’t regretting your Mac purchase. When I switched to the Mac about six years ago, I spent the first month thinking I had bought an expensive toy, until I realised that the reason I felt like that was just because everything seemed too easy to use - no more digging around in awkward submenus just to open an application… What on earth… And then it clicked.

And yes, the plan is indeed to get into the Mac App Store if we can. I haven’t even begun to look into that, though, with all the fixes and bits and bobs that need doing to Scrivener 2.0 first.

Thanks again!

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As a not so recent, but very happy convert from teh windows/linux/solaris/HPUX world there is one thing that you will need to get through to yourself. It is hard and it will be a fight for a while, but so far everyone I have helped with “the switch” says this was the best advice.

The one thing that really set apple apart is the controlled user experience. The computer should be transparent and while this may feel limiting at first you will soon discover that the systems works the way you do instead of expecting you to work the way “it” does.

So forget what you think you know about how to “work” on a computer and just get to work. Next thing you know it will be second nature.

Let us know if you need help with anything (not just scriv). There are folks here who do everything from systems architecture to graphic artists to journalists to college professors to welders who are just having a good time. Someone will be able to answer you question.

After 23 years in the Mac world, I cannot say I’m a new Mac user. But does it count if I say that I’m one Windows user less? A few years ago I started purchasing netbooks for carrying around a light writing machine. In the end, I even falled in love with WriteMonkey, that I even localized. But as soon as the Apple MBA 11 was announced, I gave my netbook to my mother, and am waiting to finish a project on FrameMaker to get rid of Windows forever.

It’s like junk food: I cannot like it in any way. I prefer to eat fresh fruits.


Thanks for all your comments… half a week of Mac experience now, and am still surprised by how easy everything is. Definitely think I’m cheating… :laughing:

Scrivener looks absolutely beautiful - and starts so much quicker than any other writing software I’ve used in Windows (i.e. “Opening Document… please wait”).

I did the same move two years ago, also because of scrivener! Apple should pay Keith some percentage of all these Mac sales induced by scriv … !

I’m also a new Mac user because of Scrivener.

Apple is doing well out of Literature and Latte!


Welcome to the Mac and Scrivener!

Thanks Vanessa! Welcome aboard and happy New Year!
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Very true. Apple is doing well because of L&L.

Keith: How about showing these testimonials to our friends at Apple, so that they’ll finally develop an all-friendly .rtf version of Pages? :smiley:

Back in the early 1980s, the program VisiCalc was created for the Apple II. Apparently, there were a fair number of people who would go to their local Radio Shack and say, “Give me a VisiCalc!” The Radio Shack salesmen were pretty quick; they realized that customers were asking for both an Apple II and the software.

Do you think the Apple Store employees would be smart enough to know what a customer wanted if they said, “Give me a Scrivener!”

Thanks, Keith

Loving Scrivener and my MB-Air!

I remember Visicalc. It was also available on PC DOS. That program sold a lot of computers, and some of the old keyboard shortcuts still work in most modern spreadsheets.

Does anyone know a good timeline program that doesn’t have a steep learning curve? I want something where I can create columns (or rows) for each character to work out a complex time sequence and keep track of everyone. I could use Excel, but I’d like something visually more friendly.

… I’m probably putting this question in the wrong place. it’s not really a Scrivener question, but i thought Scrivener people would know the answer, if anyone did. I used to use a flexible “history” database I developed in MS Access, but Access is cumbersome and I don’t want to fiddle around with Access on Windows when my book is on my portable Mac.



For a timeline, you might try Aeon Timeline at: (a beta), or 3D Timeline at: The latter is kind of spendy, but it has an educational discount, and occasionally pops up in promo bundles. (I got mine through MacUpdate–which, if you don’t already know about, is a good way to see what’s out there and get discounts for Mac Apps.)

Thanks, bargonzo
I took a look at Aeon, but so far as I can see the last beta expires June, 2010. I was very interested in this from the description, but couldn’t find any indication that there’s a currently functioning beta available.

I’m watching some 3D timeline videos now and will download the trial to see how it might work for me.
I am eligible for educational discounts so that helps :slight_smile:

I’ll look into MacUpdate.I’m a real Mac newbie, so thanks for the tip.

Aeon timeline is still downloadable and operable. That “expires” info appears to be outdated. The program may not be actively supported at this point, but it seems to still work.

There’s actually a forum on this website about this program (I just discovered it myself):