New MacBook Air and Scrivener 3

Hello All,

I recently got a new MacBook Air for work from home purposes, and when I downloaded scrivener 3 to it, it worked like a charm. I use iCloud heavily and with that turned on, my files were already on my MacBook Air from my iMac.

The weird part is this; when I open up scrivener, it says “Project not in a recommended save location”

I have scrivener linked to DropBox and have never had any issues. I know Im doing something wrong, but I can figure out what. When I move the project our of Dropbox I lose it on my phone and iPad and other devices.

Any thoughts?

Where are you saving your backups? In the same folder? If so, that’s the problem.
Save backups somewhere else.
(Scrivener -> Preferences -> Backup)

I think that was the issue. While digging around in preferences, I saw that my backup location was the same folder as my syncing folder on Dropbox. So I created a new folder for Backups and its working now. I will update the other computer later. thanks.