New MacBook. must sync with existing dropbox. how?

old laptop is gone and a new one is in place. I have Scrivener downloaded but I need to sync with my existing dropbox files. Is there a simple tutorial for this?

Probably the Dropbox site has one. This is a Dropbox task, not a Scrivener task.

Last time I did it, it was pretty simple, though.

  1. Download and install Dropbox software on new computer.

  2. Login to Dropbox account with existing username and password.

  3. Wait for sync to finish.

  4. Ensure that folder containing Scrivener projects is configured to be “available offline.”

  5. Wait for sync to finish if necessary.

  6. Done.

Edit: Oh, and don’t try to open any projects until after Step 6. Remember that the initial sync will take longer.