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I’ve been lurking around for a few days and posted a single question before. Yesterday, I decided to give Scrivener a go and went into the tutorial. Man, it says we finish it in two hours, but it took more than twice that long. Today, I imported Caroline Norrington’s template and created a project to document a world I had been daydreaming for the past year, as well as a conlang that’ll work as the parent language of my conworld’s people’s languages. I’m still uncertain whether or not I’ll become a published author, not even an indie author. Conworlding alone is quite overwhelming. Well, I just hope… and maybe continue documenting my daydreams. :smiley:

As a new member like you who also feels overwhelmed at the magnitude of the challenge before us, I would like to encourage you if I can with this one idea: When the feeling comes to us (as it will) that we are over our depth, overwhelmed with the complexities of it all and then comes the pretender for the final blow to extinguish the last remnant of the light of God within us, may you and I always remember that there truly is a God of truth, most powerful over all things (especially those shadows that seek to defeat us. At such times may you and I seek His light to overcome the darkness so that cutting edge truth may result from whatever we write and that whatever we write will be pulled out of mediocrity to be something that shines in His glory.

I have a desire to write an historical fiction novel that brings God’s love for us down from the pink cloud of ambiguity and establishes it in the heart of the reader who must live in a world hostile to God; a world that calls good evil and evil good.

What is in your heart about the book you want to write?


[i][joke redacted to save it for the WIP][/i]

not fair.