New moon blahs

Vic, you must take care to read my ENTIRE sentences:

Jaysen, he’s a chow/corgi/black Lab mix. Worst possible combination of breeds. Never grew up (lab), snappy and territorial (corgi), sometimes unpredictably (except to me) violent (chow).

Paul, I could easily have gotten the two of you confused last Wednesday evening. Be thankful I didn’t throw the choke collar around your neck and haul you off to have your tummy lavaged at great expense.

Certainly, per the digestive biscuits, you two are indistinguishable. I have spent the entire day trying to coax an expensive, prescription-only, high-end dog food down Mickey’s throat. Hand feeding, slimy bits at a time. There has to be an easier way to earn my entrance to heaven.


Zoe dearest,
Be careful, what you say to Paul. Hes such a degenerate. Having his belly lavaged is just the kind of activity thatll send him into a paroxysm of lust fuelled debauchery. :open_mouth:

Gee, and here I thought it would be the choke collar…

Oh, and p.s…

That would be moi. And I am by no means left-handed. It’s a dressage whip, and we are tracking counterclockwise, you ninny. Do I have to explain EVERYTHING?? :unamused:


Seems, sir? I know not seems….)

Seems your seams are not what they seem… but dressage? Oh - don’t encourage him.

Vic, you debaucher you! Every poor lass that has the misfortune to track in to your gravitational pull may orbit for a while, but ultimately spirals down to the back door of the Stockport bordello. Tsk tsk. :open_mouth:

Ahh. Sweet Zoe. Nymph, in thy orisons be all my sins remember’d…

True, staunch Seamus…true. But! There be stranger things, twixt Truro and the Principality of Stockport, than are dreamed of in your philosophy, Seamus.

Right again, stalwart celt. There`s something rotten in the Principality of Stocky :smiling_imp: Tis a veritable, ‘Black Hole’

With Pink impaled on the event horizon for all eternity no doubt. Come to think of it, whatever happened to Pink?

you redoubtable old Celtic curmudgeon, Stephen Hawkins reckons: “God abhors a naked singularity”, and with Pinks turpitudinous disposition, and her propensity for disrobing at the at the drop of a...whatever, shes probably incurred the big guy`s wrath and paid the penalty. She may have become a nun. :confused:

I have been called many things in my time Hotrod, and not all have been complimentary. Celtic curmudgeon though is a first and, I’ll admit, not altogether displeasing accolade. But Pink a nun? Pink Nun? Sounds like a potent cocktail… or a Poet’s Dream (which doesn’t, but is). I’d try it, but I suspect the vermouth would be replaced by nilbymouth… Nah! On second thoughts, I’ll stick with the Lagavulin. :wink:

Yeah! Does possess a certain, je ne sais quoi, does it not? 8)

To return to the new moon, are any of you followers of APOD? If so do you remember this one from May 2005?

And for Thequietone, having had to spend more time than I care to think about being forced to rove around that and neighbouring areas of Sarfeast Lunnun, I can only assume that Peckham was taken over a mort of years ago by the Order of the Phoenix, as wherever I went there were signposts pointing to Peckham, but never any sign saying “You are now entering Peckham” with or without “Beware” or “Despair” notices!

Apologies Mark. We did rather go off topic there. :blush:

I am APOD`s most devoted fan. It was my first bookmark, on my new iMAC.

The night sky is the most incredible of canvases.

Mind you I was quite impressed with their 'Water on Mars"

And this may appeal: … =352252457


APOD is on my ‘Top Sites’ pane.

“So I am getting naked and painting myself blue when Vic-K’s neighbour comes out for a fag.”

Here in the South that statement might raise a few eyebrows.

Only because your not as egalitarian as we are over here.

Anyway! You dont have any eyebrows down south, d y? :confused: []( ....oh yeah, just about see em now.

I…think…Paul, our resident degenerate means fag as in ciggy. But! You never know with him. :open_mouth: The mind doth boggle. :confused:

@ Juddbert, I replied yesterday, but the website didn’t want to play. No problem, I enjoy the banter and the playing with words … or something like :wink:

@ vic-k while I agree with

I dispute

I think I have looked at every day’s photo since some time early in 2002, even going back and looking at the ones I have missed when I’ve been away and not using a computer for a few days. And with all due respect to you and klcorridon, I haven’t bookmarked it, I don’t have a “Top Sites” pane, I’ve been a dedicated OmniWeb user since I first installed OS-X, and the latest APOD is at the top of the half dozen pages that open in my default workspace every time I open the browser, followed by the L&L forum.


I`ve been doing as you do…

…since Jan 2000. ‘Astronomy’, was the second thing I search for, after my daughter gave me a pressy of a years subscrition to Freeserve dial up. The first was ‘Spiritualism’.

The Guardian On LIne, has run a few articles this week on the release of Carl Sagans [i]Cosmos[/i] series. 5DVD Disc set. [ ... nal-voyage]( A fantastic piece of work. I was glued to it at the time it was broadcast. Im in the process of letting it be known, that it would make a very agreeable birthday pressy. I`ll probably get socks again :frowning:
Take care

Anyone know how to remove blue paint ?

The people at Tesco Metro were most unhelpful.


No wonder.