New moon blahs

Does anybody else get them? Friday couldn’t get done soon enough. Yet I still have labours to perform before I can enjoy the IPA I so richly deserve. 8)

Le D gets em, but then hes vampiric. He also gets, 'Le peessed orfs’ whenever he has no AbsinthenLaudenum.
Take care Kevin

I live in Peckham.

I can assure you on nights of the full Moon you get home as soon as you see the big yellowey orb in the sky. No word of a lie the Moon or its influences cause crazy behaviour. Everybody is gibbering to themselves. More aggro in the street than usual.

I am sure it is no different anywhere else so please look around and observe others when next you not the full Moon.



nuff said! :frowning:

I usually go on a killing spree in my yard. Armed with a can of gas, a pack of cigarettes, a couple of beers, and the fortitude to get the job done.

I kill fire ants by the millions and I feel no compassion, no sympathy, no remorse.

Of course if you aren’t careful and you do not watch where you step, or keep moving in the “argh don’t bite me!” dance of the diligent, you wind up suffering injuries of epic proportions.


Now there`s a thing to ponder on: the winged wassack being bit to buggery, by millions of freindly little aka kami aris. Aww bless.

I thought the thing was to kill the nest not the ants.

I am told you whiz up sugar and borax and it kills the nest as they feed the queen and the young on it.

Good luck.


Trust you to be au fait with the solution that involves the maximum number of fatalities! Wot y` like? Jeezz!

THAT explains it!

The dog nearly died of bloat two nights ago. We ended up rushing the poor geriatric thing to the emergency animal hospital in the middle of the night, paying upwards of $2000 for treatment I did not want, then ANOTHER $1000 after we transferred him to the regular vet’s yesterday for follow-up till he was finally released this afternoon. He is resting comfortably, as demented and riddled with separation anxiety as ever. I love this dog to death, but obviously not hard enough.

The Hound from Hell, he’s affectionately known as in this community. Apparently they don’t want him back.

Next month I’ll be prepared when that full moon rolls round.

So it would appear!! :open_mouth:

Hound from hell? you have vic-k living in your house?

What type of dog other than a dane, mastiff, wolfhound would run a $2K bill, for bloat?

WOT! NO MEDICAID f` CRITTERS!? :open_mouth:

I am outside your house.
Painted blue
With a machete.

Tea. 2 sugars. Please.
I prefer digestive biscuits.


For some reason this does not seem odd. At all. Which is a clear indicator that I have been around vic-k to little.

Too little? Sheesh! A hopeless glutton for punishment methinks… :unamused:

How long ve y lurked around Scrivs decks? Have y learnt nothing, in all that time? Hillbillys head is on upside down, and back to front. Y just have to think to yself: the truth is in there… somewhere! :confused:

Ahh…I hear Jameson calling me… 'parting is such sweet sorrow

Ahem. As you are effortlessly aerating the Jameson bottle Vic, I’m simultaneously tackling the Lagavulin. So much to savour, so little to be said…

Ahh…lag a’mhuilin: powerful, peat-smoke aroma, robustly full-bodied, well balanced, and smooth, with a slight sweetness on the palate. That remind you of anyone :wink: That`s a description of me 8)
Such is life…

So I am getting naked and painting myself blue when Vic-K’s neighbour comes out for a fag.

He asks me what I am doing. “Getting naked, painting myself blue, preparatory to a visit”

“Oh OK. Tell Vic I said hello.”

Hello Vic from your neighbour.


Listen pal! When my in-laws descend upon my humble abode, it`s as though Attila the Hun, and Genghis Khan had combined forces. So! As you may well imagine, one degenerate woad covered cockney, aint gonna give me the squitters.

We only do the CO-OP`s Truly Irresistible Stem Ginger Cookies Sorry!

And anyway! The only person I can see, standing out side on the pavement, is a female, 5ft-9in tall, voluptuous Nordic looking blonde. Shes wearing a leather basque, with sussys; black fishnet stockings (the ones with the seems down the back), and black peekaboo six inch stilettos. Shes holding a whip in her left hand! Now that is a turn on: a left handed kinky blonde :smiling_imp: Tie me down!!!